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Dance Phillipsburg Presents: Giza Groove

Dance Phillipsburg Presents: Giza Groove





Come see the Phillipsburg belly dance community explore the majesty and mystery of this ancient dance at our 6th annual spring hafla! Join us in an evening of dancing, shopping, community, food and drink, while the students of Dance Phillipsburg, and several of the area's professional belly dancers, showcase their hard work, talent and love for this timeless dance. Featured Artists: Tasha The Fantasha Dancers Brigid Star City Tribal Jennifer Anya Imashev Special Guests: Kelebek Beyaz Abzahrah Belly Dance Company Emcee: Glen Tickle Tickets: Before the show $5 for adults & $7 for kids 5-12 $20 At the Door Don't get stuck paying a higher ticket price, call or e-mail to lock in the lower rate! info@dancephillipsburg.com 908-387-0116