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Easton Small Business Summit





Easton Small Business Summit Schedule Tuesday May 2, 2017 at the Bank Street Annex Registration $30 online / $40 at the door (Lunch included) Here's the link. 
9-9:50am FAILING TO PLAN IS... PLANNING TO FAIL: Planning the Life of Your Business – Theresa Hogan Business success is almost always due to proper and early planning. This session offers valuable information concerning business planning and protection, such as: developing and modifying business plans; financing; entity formation, operations, and legal compliance (operating agreements, taxes, insurances, leases); critical issues for employers; vendor and customer contract issues; sale of your successful business.
10-10:50am When, Why, and How of Financing Your Business – Bob Thomson There are several alternatives to consider when arriving at a specific plan to finance one’s business. As to which option or combination of alternatives to choose, the answer is, “It depends.” Bob will provide an overview of different major financing options and to which businesses they most likely would be applied. He then will present specific examples to further illustrate how a given financing alternative works.
11-12:50pm Understanding and Managing Your Brand - Susan Kovacs  Your brand defines who you are, who you want to be and how you are perceived. In a world of competitive pressures, commodity products, wide-ranging product quality and price, a business needs to make its mark on the minds of potential clients and consumers. That mark is not your logo or your marketing that defines that. It’s the impression, the feeling that you and your company elicit in the minds of your target audience. Susan will provide you with the tools to develop your brand and how to leverage your brand for your future.
12-1pm LUNCH - provided
1-1:50pm Effective Marketing on a Limited Budget – Mark Nutting If you are like most entrepreneurs, you started your business without the help of venture capitalist money. Limited financial resources tend to be the name of the game in the first couple of years (maybe longer) and your budget priorities are the fixed costs of rent, utilities, inventory, etc. Marketing, the process of getting your target demographic to know about and want to do business with you, rarely gets the portion of your budget it deserves. Without customers, after all, your business cannot succeed. In this session, you will learn how to inexpensively locate, connect with, and create a relationship with your target audience.
2-2:50pm Story Driven Video Marketing Strategies - Paul A. Ricciardi One of the most versatile and effective marketing tools available to any organization is video. At a time when there are so many demands for the attention of your target audience, how will you separate yourself from the competition? How will you tell your story in a unique way that captures not only your audience’s attention but motivate them to contact you? Video will help bring your story to life, creating a personal connection with the viewer - your potential client. It will also be an investment that brings a return many times over and can be repurposed like no other marketing tool can. Come learn the key points to consider before creating your next video and how it can make the most impact on your organization’s future.
3-3:50pm Focus on Your Top 5 and Delegate the Rest - Lindsay Vastola  Small business owners often find themselves on the hamster-wheel of business ownership; spending 95% of their time on tasks, management and transactions that fail to have a significant impact. By focusing on the top 5 activities that have a direct impact on the growth and health of the business and delegating the rest, business owners can then spend more time on the business; not in the business. In this workshop-inspired presentation, you’ll walk away with an action plan of which systems are most integral to integrate to create continued growth and a more rewarding business.